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About Vanguard University SIFE

VUSIFE is Vanguard University’s local chapter of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), an international non-profit organization that works in partnership with business and higher education. SIFE mobilizes students to discover their own potential by creating economic opportunity for others through community outreach projects. SIFE is active on 1,800 college and university campuses in 48 countries. Since 2006, VUSIFE has focused on teaching innovative techniques for achieving success through teamwork and truth in Southern California.

Our chapter of SIFE was formed in Spring of 2006 by Kristi Medeiros and Brandon Lagao. Kristi did an internship for Advantage Marketing and they stressed the importance of belonging to an organization like SIFE, so you can achieve real-world experience along with your academic education. Kristi had a passion for launching this organization before she graduated in May of 2006 and she asked Bonni Stachowiak if she would be the faculty advisor for SIFE (a role they call a Sam Walton Fellow) and the rest is history...

Our members are diverse and well traveled (some of our members even spend their Fall semester in Europe for Vanguard's semester abroad program called VESPA). We have business, accounting, communications, and marketing majors in our current membership and we hope to continue to continue to grow the breadth and depth of our team in the coming years.

Our Leadership Team

We'll be doing our 2008 - 2009 leadership team elections the first couple weeks of school.


Vice President, Administration

Vice President, Marketing

Vice President, External Relations

Vice President, Internal Relations

Vice President, Recruiting and Training


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